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Physical Therapists Help People Achieve Fitness throughout Their Lives

World Physical Therapy Day is around the corner, on September 8, 2013. And the message that physical therapists are sending to people to create awareness about what they do is: Physical therapists can help people become fit and active contributors to society, whatever their physical limitations or stage of life.

Physical therapists treat millions of people every year, helping them prevent and overcome musculoskeletal problems from injuries, including sports injuries; back, hip and neck pain; osteoarthritis; and other conditions of the muscles and skeletal system. Physical therapy regimens help people improve balance, posture, mobility, flexibility and strength. Physical therapists are the exercise experts, who also help people with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer safely exercise to improve their health and quality of life.

What physical therapists do is by no means limited to the young or elderly. In fact, physical therapy needs run throughout people’s lifespans. Older adults, studies have shown, enjoy important health benefits when they engaged in regular physical activity. These benefits include improved balance (to avoid falls), strength, coordination, motor control, flexibility, blood pressure control and endurance. Young and middle-aged adults also benefit with lower rates of obesity and better overall health.

Marilyn Moffat, World Confederation for Physical Therapy president, says that because of their specialist knowledge, physical therapists can help all children, adults and older people participate in physical activity.

“Physical therapists can help them overcome physical problems that may restrict their ability to move,” she says. “Physical activity doesn’t just mean more healthy people, but happier more productive people, whether young or aging.”

Physical therapists are the exercise experts. For more information about how to safely and effectively participate in programs at any age, or with any type of physical limitation, contact A Physical Therapist, Inc.

A Physical Therapist, Inc., is a one-on-one physical therapy clinic in Delray Beach, Fla., and Harrisburg, Penn. For patients in Palm Beach County, A Physical Therapist, Inc., is easily accessible from Boca Raton or Boynton Beach. For patients in Dauphin County, A Physical Therapist, Inc., is easily accessible from Hershey and Marysville.

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