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Hip Fracture Repair Surgery Leads to Lifetime Health and Financial Benefits, According to New Study

The surgical repair of hip fractures not only increases quality of life and mobility, but also cuts lifetime health care costs by more than $65,000 each patient, according to a new study.

Hip fracture is a common occurrence among especially older people. More than 300,000 Americans suffer a hip fracture each year, often after falling. Surgery is the primary treatment for hip fracture.

Researchers report in a study published in Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research that a person in the U.S. who sustains a hip fracture and has hip fracture repair surgery saves, on average, $65,000 to $68,000 in health care costs compared to those who have hip fracture but do not have surgery to repair it. Savings include care needed after the injury and in the long-term.

Patients’ physical function and quality of life also seem to improve more for those who have the surgery than those who do not.

Hip fractures are serious injuries, which almost always require surgical repair or total joint replacement. Months of physical therapy to restore mobility and strength, as well as independence, are also required for most patients. Hip fracture prevention includes maintaining bone density and fall prevention. Physical therapists can help with both of those, designing exercise programs that help to maintain bone density and by reducing patients’ risks of falls.

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