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Does Eating Dried Plumbs have a Bone-Protective Effect?

Eating dried plumbs (prunes) seems to have a positive effect on bone health. A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in July 2014 examines why dried plumbs may be healthy for bones and in general.

San Diego State University and Florida State University researchers analyzed a year-long study published in […]

Shoe Insoles, Orthotics Do Not Help Lower Back Pain, According to New Review

A review of studies looking at the effectiveness of foot orthotics and insoles for the prevention and treatment of general lower back pain failed to show notable benefit.

Custom orthotics and shoe insoles are often recommended as a strategy for preventing or easing low back pain. To help determine whether these really have […]

Older Adults Dodge Physical Disability by Remaining Physically Active

A new, first-of-its-kind study proves daily physical activity can mean the difference between older adults’ abilities to keep their independence versus becoming housebound. University of Florida researchers found seniors who engaged in moderate physical activity were 28 percent less likely to permanently lose their ability to walk easily compared to inactive older adults.


Having a Physical Therapy Evaluation among the Steps for Healthy Aging, according to Consumer Reports

The article “Healthy aging into your 80s and beyond: 5 keys to a long, healthful life,” published May 2014 in Consumer Reports, offers important strategies that can help people older than 50 stay healthy into old age. Here are key recommendations from that piece.

Successful aging requires smart planning, calculated decision making and […]