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Does Eating Dried Plumbs have a Bone-Protective Effect?

Eating dried plumbs (prunes) seems to have a positive effect on bone health. A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in July 2014 examines why dried plumbs may be healthy for bones and in general.

San Diego State University and Florida State University researchers analyzed a year-long study published in […]

Elderly Women Need More Protein Than Generally Recommended, New Study Suggests

The dietary protein requirement for elderly women might be too low for optimal health, according to a new study. Older women could benefit if today’s dietary protein recommendation added 29 percent more protein.

The recommended dietary allowance for all women 19 years and older is 0.36 grams for each pound of body weight. […]

Endurance Athletes Might Want to Avoid Supplementing with Vitamins C and E

Taking vitamins C and E to improve fitness might be a mistake, according to a new study. Researchers at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences have found supplementing with the two vitamins actually disrupts the way muscles adapt to exercise on a cellular level.

Dr Gøran Paulsen, who led the study at the Norwegian […]

Mediterranean-style Diet Reigns as Healthy Diet in Scientific Studies

Spanish researchers have given new scientific credibility to the long-held belief that a Mediterranean-style diet is a healthy diet.

Last year, a study looking at the eating approach, which is rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy plant oils, found it prevents heart attacks, stroke and death from heart disease. In this new study, researchers […]