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Even Slight, Relatively Inexpensive Home Modifications can Protect People from Falls

Researchers testing the safety benefits of relatively inexpensive and simple home modifications found the modifications went a long way in preventing falls and injuries related to those falls. Those modifications included; adding handrails on outside steps and stairs inside the house; bathroom grab bars; outside lighting; outside slip-resistant step edging; slip-resistant surfaces on outdoor […]

Five-minute Walks Help to Undo Physical Harm from Prolonged Sitting

Researchers have studied the harmful health effects from prolonged sitting. Sitting for hours at a time for work, while watching television or even when driving is associated with risk factors that lead to heart and metabolic disease. It turns out, however, that it’s fairly easy to avoid potential health problems from sitting, simply by […]

Knee Osteoarthritis Might Not Slow You Down If You Walk 6,000 Steps Daily

Physical therapists have long known that physical activity can prevent or slow functional limitations associated with knee osteoarthritis. What wasn’t clear was whether simply walking would protect people against the functional limitations associated with knee osteoarthritis. New research shows it does.

Boston University researchers reported June 12, 2014 in the journal of Arthritis […]