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Having a Physical Therapy Evaluation among the Steps for Healthy Aging, according to Consumer Reports

The article “Healthy aging into your 80s and beyond: 5 keys to a long, healthful life,” published May 2014 in Consumer Reports, offers important strategies that can help people older than 50 stay healthy into old age. Here are key recommendations from that piece.

Successful aging requires smart planning, calculated decision making and […]

Physical Therapy Shown to Help Parkinson’s Disease Patients Stay Active

Parkinson’s disease, the second most common degenerative brain disorder after Alzheimer’s disease, can greatly affect a person’s ability to move and remain active in daily life. Physical therapy has been shown to help patients remain physically active, and programs designed specifically for Parkinson’s disease patients might delay disease progression.

Parkinson’s disease patients lose nerve […]

Physical Therapist-supervised Strength Training Trumps At-home Exercises after Shoulder Surgery

Physical therapist-led rehabilitation and strengthening exercises are superior to at-home, unsupervised exercise for those recovering from arthroscopic acromioplasty (a type of shoulder surgery), according to a new study published January 2012 Journal of Rehabilitative Medicine.

Arthroscopic acromioplasty may be used to surgically remove bone spurs or growths on the outer edge of the shoulder […]