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Researchers Moving Toward Creating Cartilage from Embryonic Stem Cells

People who suffer with osteoarthritis might wish doctors could simply replace the cartilage that once cushioned the joint but has worn away with time. Well, that might soon be a reality. Scientists in the UK have successfully produced cartilage created from embryonic stem cells. The research could lead to a joint-rejuvenating option in the […]

New Evidence Questions Meniscal Repair Surgery Effectiveness

People having surgery to repair a torn meniscus in the knee fared no better a year after the procedure than those having a “sham” surgery, according to a new study. The finding should make patients who have knee pain attributed to a meniscus tear question whether surgery to repair it is a good option.


Natural Tissue Graft Shown to Regenerate Knee Cartilage, Improve Symptoms Related to Knee Cartilage Damage

Research presented in July 2013 at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine‚Äôs annual meeting in Chicago suggests people who suffer from knee cartilage damage might benefit from a natural tissue graft, which can regenerate cartilage and improve what can be painful symptoms. Researchers from Hospital for Special Surgery treated several patients with the De […]

Scientists Stop Osteoarthritis in Its Tracks

Scientists at Johns Hopkins studying mice with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears have made important observations about why osteoarthritis occurs and, possibly, how to stop it. The researchers found that not only is cartilage, or cushioning of the joints, important in osteoarthritis progress, but also bone underneath the cartilage. And by blocking a bone regulation […]