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Gait Analysis Stops Runners’ Injuries in Their Tracks

A lucky few runners escape running-associated injury. Depending on the training distance, somewhere between 50 percent and 90 percent of runners are sidelined during their running careers because of getting hurt.

An article published September 22, 2014 in the Wall Street Journal looks at gait analysis as a way to prevent running injuries, […]

Exercise Programs for Older Adults Prevent Injuries from Falls

A well-designed exercise program not only prevents falls among older adults, but also prevents injuries associated with falls, according to a new review of studies published October 29, 2013 on

Researchers analyzed results of a collection of studies on fall-prevention exercise programs and found those programs are associated with a notably lower risk […]

High Blood Pressure Medications Linked to Hip Fracture Risk

Elderly people who take medications to treat high blood pressure are at a 43 percent increased risk of having a hip fracture in the first 45 days of treatment, according to a new study.

Family medicine Assistant Professor Dr. Debra Butt and colleagues at the University of Toronto in Canada determined the increased risk […]

Get Moving to Prevent Falls

A new set of guidelines by the American Geriatrics Society recommends exercise, including physical therapy, to prevent falls. […]