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Researchers Moving Toward Creating Cartilage from Embryonic Stem Cells

People who suffer with osteoarthritis might wish doctors could simply replace the cartilage that once cushioned the joint but has worn away with time. Well, that might soon be a reality. Scientists in the UK have successfully produced cartilage created from embryonic stem cells. The research could lead to a joint-rejuvenating option in the […]

Future Osteoarthritis Treatments include Targeted Drugs, Stem Cell Approaches

Treatments for osteoarthritis are evolving as researchers better understand the common condition. New approaches include more targeted drugs, aimed at treating only the affected area, as well as stem cells to regenerate healthy tissue in the knee, hip or other affected joint.

Doctors have long recommended patients suffering from the pain of osteoarthritis take […]

Scientists Develop Joint Lubricant for Arthritis Relief

Boston University and Harvard researchers have developed a joint lubricant, which supplements the natural lubricant in the joints to relieve osteoarthritis pain and discomfort.

According to Boston University Professor Mark W. Grinstaff, the best fluid supplement available today offers temporary symptom relief but fails to adequately lubricate the joint in order to prevent further […]

Study Looks at Which Patients are most likely to Reap Benefits from Knee and Hip Joint Replacement Surgeries

In a new study, Canadian researchers found only about half of patients there who had hip or knee joint replacement surgery reported notable improvement in their pain and ability to move after surgery. Led by Gillian A. Hawker, MD, from the Women’s College Hospital and the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences, Toronto, Ontario, the […]