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Bill Promoting Patient Access to Physical Therapy Introduced February 14, 2013

Legislation reintroduced in February protects patients from random limits on physical therapy services for people after they’ve suffered stroke, traumatic brain injury or hip fracture. The legislation also addresses the effective management of conditions, including Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis and arthritis, according to a Feb. 14 press release by the American Physical Therapy Association, an […]

Smokers with Back Pain Should Quit for Pain’s Sake

Smokers being treated for back pain related to spinal disorders, such as herniated discs, report more pain than back pain sufferers who quit smoking during treatment, according to a new study.

There has long been a scientific link between smoking and an increased risk for low back pain. In fact, smoking is considered a […]

Yoga’s Dark Side

Many turn to yoga as a way to maintain good health, stretch muscles and quiet the mind. But an article published January 5, 2012, in New York Times’ magazine questions whether yoga is for everyone—suggesting that some yoga poses might be dangerous for even devoted yogis.

Journalist William J. Broad reports on the views […]