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Gait Analysis Stops Runners’ Injuries in Their Tracks

A lucky few runners escape running-associated injury. Depending on the training distance, somewhere between 50 percent and 90 percent of runners are sidelined during their running careers because of getting hurt.

An article published September 22, 2014 in the Wall Street Journal looks at gait analysis as a way to prevent running injuries, […]

Now Is Your Opportunity to Demand Adequate Patient Access to Physical Therapy Services

If passed, the Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act (H.R. 713/S.367) will repeal a cap on physical therapy and other therapy services for Medicare beneficiaries. That means, patients who are on Medicare would have better access to quality physical therapy and other types of therapy. But if Congress does not take action on this legislation […]

Hospital for Special Surgery Physical Therapist Offers Post Marathon Recovery Tips

Runners who competed in the recent New York City Marathon and other 26.2-mile running events often experience uncomfortable soreness in the days after these races. In a November 1, 2013 press release by the Hospital for Special Surgery, a New York City hospital that specializes in orthopedics, rheumatology and rehabilitation, physical therapist Michael Silverman offers […]

Were You Double-jointed as a Teen? You could be at Higher Risk for Joint Pain into Adulthood.

Double-jointed or hypermobile adolescents are at greater risk for developing musculoskeletal pain as they age. This pain occurs especially in the shoulders, knees, ankles and feet, researchers report in February 2013 in the scientific journal Arthritis & Rheumatism.

In fact, children with joint hypermobility are about twice as likely as children who are not […]