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Hip and Knee Replacement Outcomes Better when Surgeons Use Regional Anesthesia

People undergoing total hip or total knee replacement surgeries are at a lower risk for complications if they have regional, versus general, anesthesia, according to a new study.

While it’s not as commonly used as general anesthesia during joint replacement surgery, neuraxial anesthesia, also known as spinal or epidural anesthesia, involves injecting medication into […]

Regional Anesthesia May be Safer than General Anesthesia during Hip Fracture Surgery

A new study suggests hospitalized older adults who have regional anesthesia, versus general anesthesia, during surgery for hip fracture were less likely to die or experience lung and respiratory complications.

This is a large study. Researchers analyzed patients having surgery for hip fracture at 126 hospitals in New York. Twenty-nine percent of 18,158 patients […]