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Hip Fracture Repair Surgery Leads to Lifetime Health and Financial Benefits, According to New Study

The surgical repair of hip fractures not only increases quality of life and mobility, but also cuts lifetime health care costs by more than $65,000 each patient, according to a new study.

Hip fracture is a common occurrence among especially older people. More than 300,000 Americans suffer a hip fracture each year, often […]

Exercise May Protect Aging Brains from Silent Stroke

Scientists have long known that regular exercise helps to ward off age-related health concerns, including heart disease. But a new study suggests that exercise might offer yet another health benefit. Older people who exercise at a moderate to intense level may be less likely to develop the small brain lesions, called “silent strokes.” […]

Strength Training Gets Thumbs Up for Health Benefits

A growing body of research is touting the many health benefits of strength training, or working out with resistance, according to an article in the Feb. 13, 2011 Los Angeles Times. […]