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Physical Therapy as Effective as Corticosteroid Injections for Relieving Shoulder Pain, Disability

Manual physical therapy, by trained physical therapists, and subacromial corticosteroid injections provided equal and notable improvement in pain and function among people with unilateral shoulder impingement syndrome. Unilateral shoulder impingement syndrome includes several painful conditions related to the shoulder, such as rotator cuff syndrome, rotator cuff tendonitis and bursitis.

In a study published […]

Lack of Exercise, Overweight Linked to Higher Risk of Chronic Low Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain among Adults

In a study of 30,000 women and men, researchers found that those who were obese had about 20 percent increased risk for chronic pain in the low back and neck/shoulder area. Exercising for as little as one hour a week or more helped to lower that increased chronic pain risk. […]