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Tips to Help You Better Choose a Physical Therapist

Not all physical therapy clinics are created equal. It’s important for potential patients to choose their physical therapists carefully, according to experts from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

Convenience and whether or not a physical therapist takes your health insurance are important considerations when choosing a physical therapist, but […]

People who Don’t Allow Hip or Groin Injuries to Heal, Risk Subsequent Hip or Groin Injuries

Athletes who injure the hip or groin, sustaining injuries like bone stress fractures and groin strains, are two to seven times more likely to injure the same area again, researchers found when they looked at a collection of studies on the topic. The researchers also found higher risks for hip and groin injuries among […]

Hospital for Special Surgery Physical Therapist Offers Post Marathon Recovery Tips

Runners who competed in the recent New York City Marathon and other 26.2-mile running events often experience uncomfortable soreness in the days after these races. In a November 1, 2013 press release by the Hospital for Special Surgery, a New York City hospital that specializes in orthopedics, rheumatology and rehabilitation, physical therapist Michael Silverman offers […]

Physical Therapists Help People Achieve Fitness throughout Their Lives

World Physical Therapy Day is around the corner, on September 8, 2013. And the message that physical therapists are sending to people to create awareness about what they do is: Physical therapists can help people become fit and active contributors to society, whatever their physical limitations or stage of life.

Physical therapists treat millions […]