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Researchers Moving Toward Creating Cartilage from Embryonic Stem Cells

People who suffer with osteoarthritis might wish doctors could simply replace the cartilage that once cushioned the joint but has worn away with time. Well, that might soon be a reality. Scientists in the UK have successfully produced cartilage created from embryonic stem cells. The research could lead to a joint-rejuvenating option in the […]

Future Osteoarthritis Treatments include Targeted Drugs, Stem Cell Approaches

Treatments for osteoarthritis are evolving as researchers better understand the common condition. New approaches include more targeted drugs, aimed at treating only the affected area, as well as stem cells to regenerate healthy tissue in the knee, hip or other affected joint.

Doctors have long recommended patients suffering from the pain of osteoarthritis take […]

Joint Replacement and Stem Cells

A pioneering study in animals, published in The Lancet, has shown that failing joints can be replaced with a joint grown naturally using the host’s own stem cells. […]

Preserving Muscle

A new study suggests exercise unlocks the stem cells of our muscles.

New research from Tel Aviv University has found that endurance exercises, such as jogging or cycling can make us look younger. The key: exercise, unlocks the stem cells of our muscles.

Prof. Dafna Benayahu and her team at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School […]