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People who Don’t Allow Hip or Groin Injuries to Heal, Risk Subsequent Hip or Groin Injuries

Athletes who injure the hip or groin, sustaining injuries like bone stress fractures and groin strains, are two to seven times more likely to injure the same area again, researchers found when they looked at a collection of studies on the topic. The researchers also found higher risks for hip and groin injuries among […]

A New Year’s Fitness Resolution for the Masses: “Every Body Walk!”

Adults should exercise moderately to vigorously 150 minutes each week to maintain health. Those who need to lose weight should double that recommendation, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

These are not numbers thought of randomly, but rather numbers based on scientific evidence. Physical activity is medicine. Studies have shown that […]

Five Tips for Staying Sports Injury-free

Exercise and fitness are important at all ages. Especially aging baby boomers find regular exercise is vital for bone, heart and muscle strength. The trick, as we age, is to remain injury-free. Unfortunately, baby boomers, who range in age from 50 to the late 60s, are at higher risk for certain injuries compared to younger […]

Incorporating Exercise into Daily Activities Prevents Falls

By integrating balance and strength training into their daily routines, 70-year-old and older participants in a study reduced their falls by more than a third, researchers report in a study published online August 7, 2012 in the medical journal BMJ.

Australian researchers studied more than 300 seniors living in Sydney. Study participants—all having a […]