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Research Shows Common Knee Problem Responds to Physical Therapist-guided Quad Strengthening

There is strong evidence that the use of a physical therapist-guided quadriceps strengthening program reduces pain and improves function in people with patellofemoral pain syndrome, according to a review of studies published April 25, 2014 in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy.

Knee pain from patellofemoral pain syndrome is common among […]

Physical Therapists Integral in Chronic Pain Treatment

There’s acute pain, from injuries and after surgery. And there’s chronic pain, which can linger months—even years. Physical therapists have long been recognized for their roles in preventing and treating acute pain. Today, there’s increased emphasis on physical therapists’ roles in helping patients with chronic pain.

Physical therapists are trained to administer treatments that […]

Strength and Balance Training Prevent Sports-related Injury, Analysis Finds

To avoid sports-related injuries, athletes should focus on strength and balance training, according to research published October 2013 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. While stretching might help in some aspects of sports performance, it doesn’t seem to measure up when it comes to injury prevention.

Researchers from Denmark and Norway analyzed and […]

Hip and Knee Movement Could Impact Ankle Re-Injury Risk

Physical therapists and others who help patients recover from ankle injuries often work on strengthening and stretching the ankle joint. A new study by the University of Georgia suggests the way patients move their hip and knee joints also might impact whether a patient is at high risk for ankle re-injury. And changing the way patients move in order to minimize that risk could be an important part of patients’ rehabilitation for ankle sprains. […]