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At-home Rehab after Total Knee Replacement as Good as Staying at a Rehab Facility

People who receive physical therapy at home after total knee replacement surgery do as well as those who receive physical therapy while staying at an inpatient rehab facility, according to a new study by researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery.

“There’s a common belief that people should go to a rehab facility after […]

One-third of Knee Replacements Performed in U.S. are Unnecessary, According to New Study

U.S. researchers studying 175 people who had total knee replacement surgery found only 44 percent of those procedures were “appropriate.” Thirty-four percent, they said, were “inappropriate” and 22 percent were “inconclusive.” Inappropriate cases are those where the risks of the surgery outweigh the benefits. In inconclusive cases, the risks and benefits are about equal. […]

Diabetics at No Greater Risk for Infection and Other Complications after Total Knee Replacement

There’s good news for people who have diabetes and need to undergo total knee replacement. According to a new study, you are no more likely than people who do not have diabetes to suffer infection, deep vein thrombosis or other complications following total knee replacement surgery.

In this study published in the March 2013 […]

Obesity is Roadblock to Successful Knee Replacement

Obesity is not only a risk factor for developing osteoarthritis, which might lead to the need for total joint replacement, but it also boosts the potential for problems after total knee replacement surgery. A new review of studies suggests obese patients who have total knee replacement surgery are more likely to experience infections and other […]